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Andritz: meeting the demands of successful pet food producers

Headquartered in Graz, Austria, ANDRITZ is an international technology group and a leading global supplier of plant, equipment and services for a broad range of industries.

With over 280 production sites and service/sales companies and 27,232 employees worldwide ANDRITZ offers more than 180 years of industry experience.

For the petfood industry, ANDRITZ offers a full range of processing machines and equipment – from raw material intake to finished feed bagging – as single unit or complete plant solution. The individual process machines offered are selected from the standardized and proven range of ANDRITZ product families.

ANDRITZ is the perfect partner for design, engineering, supply, and construction of your pet food process line, and offers upgrades for existing facilities as well as solutions for greenfield plants, which are handled either in cooperation with regional suppliers and contractors, or as turnkey solutions.
The company’s experienced project managers, process engineers, and experts from specialized functions ensure that the performance will come up to your expectations.

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Cama: secondary packaging delivering primary performance

Established in 1981, Cama Group is a rapidly growing and leading supplier of advanced technology end-of-line packaging machines and robots.

Continuously investing in innovative solutions, the Cama Group offers completely integrated packaging lines, from primary packages up to final packaging ready for palletizing, serving industries including food (bakery, confectionery, coffee, ice cream, dairy, ready meals, grocery & pet food) and non-food (personal, health & home care).

The Group has six subsidiaries around the world (U.S, China, Australia, France, UK and Northern Europe) and invests more than 5% of its annual turnover into R&D, including the development of class leading Industry 4.0 solutions, which include process virtualisation, engineering and machine commissioning.

Cama is in the perfect position to help pet food companies – both large and small – to realise greater efficiencies through the automation of packaging operations.

Supporting the industry for over 15 year, Cama has helped many companies across the globe absorb the impact of changing market dynamics, including the natural progression of packaging – starting with cans, onto trays, into pouches and back to cans again. It has also addressed the multi-flavour issue thanks to tightly integrated and highly flexible automation infrastructures and in-house-develop robotic pick-and-place systems. Indeed, this industry is not unlike the coffee industry, in which Cama a market leader, with its huge variety of packaging concepts!

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Clevertech: high tech, high speed, high quality

Established in 1987, Clevertech Group is headquartered at Cadelbosco di Sopra, in the Reggio Emilia province in Italy and is supported globally by other operations in North America, China, France, UK, and South Asia.

This year, the company is inaugurating a new plant in Italy, which will take the total plant size up to 13,800 m2, and will provide a new logistic and quality control area.

Clevertech’s experience makes it an ideal partner for the design of integrated solutions for front and end of line; with a range of solutions that covers the food & beverage, home care, wine & spirits, pet-food and personal-care markets, where it meets the requirements of all major manufacturers of consumer goods. The systems developed by Clevertech Group can manage a broad range of packaging concepts, including PET bottles, pouches, full, bulk cans, ends, cases, and secondary packaging.

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JRS: your all-in-one-partner

Our knowledge is working for you: Take benefit from the collective scientific knowledge, global innovation networks, industry experience, and market and regulatory expertise across the JRS group.

Our application experts collaborate with your product developers; our product managers share consumer insights with your marketing staff; our sustainability experts share information and ideas with yours to reduce impacts.

Much of our success can be attributed to an exceptional infrastructure employing industry experts and outstanding processes and procedures.

  • Technical Support: JRS technical service personnel find solutions to customers´ complex scientific problems, clarify customer opportunity areas as they emerge, and respond rapidly when technical issues arise. 
  • Product Development: JRS excels because of its fully outfitted commercial pet food lab that allows “real world” product testing. 
  • Quality Assurance: JRS supports its products with advanced quality assurance that runs from sales and customer service through manufacturing to transportation and delivery. 
  • Laboratory Services: In addition to assuring that products are made to precise specifications, in-house laboratories at all manufacturing locations provide research capabilities to assist with customer product development efforts. 

Customer Service: JRS most important mission is to provide complete customer satisfaction. We know that we will be judged as a company not just by its products and services, but also by its organizational performance and responsiveness to customer needs.

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JBT FTNON: tailor-made solutions for pet food processing

FTNON is a business unit of John Bean Technologies Corporation (JBT), a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing and air transportation industries.

With more than 50 years of experience, JBT-FTNON is a well-known brand. With a global coverage (both sales and customer care) it can serve customers in all kinds of ways, with local presence and local build.

JBT FTNON equipment and process solutions are based on:

  • In depth knowledge of the challenges food processing companies face
  • A strong in-house project and engineering team developing turnkey solutions.
  • High-end manufacturing and assembly of production lines and stand-alone machines for food processing
  • Proven R&D with patented robotics and process technologies.

Pet Food Technology

Over 50 years JBT FTNON has built up vast experience in the field of wet pet food technology. With a wide range of installations, its systems have been used very satisfactorily by many leading pet food manufacturers worldwide. Thanks to its advanced pet food technology its customers have improved efficiency and optimized the quality of their products.

FTNON offers the most economical and effective way of processing, through steam technology. In combination with meat preparation, mixers, emulsifiers, breakers, hoppers, extruders and color injection, FTNON is the high-end partner in the industry.

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KARL SCHNELL: we offer solutions – not just a product!

For more than 70 years, KARL SCHNELL has been synonymous worldwide for innovative products from Germany. 

The basis of all our work is a cooperation in partnership. This ensures that customer requirements can be combined optimally with KARL SCHNELL’s technical and technological expertise. All machines and plants are subject to constant adaptation to new specific challenges of a hygienic, product-, process- and quality-related nature.

The product portfolio is almost completely developed, designed and built in-house. It ranges from machines for raw material intake, through mincing and fine emulsifying solutions, to filling systems. In addition, we use our knowledge and the technology transfer from the other areas of food processing for the diverse applications in the petfood sector.

Complex systems are created from individual machines – depending on the task at hand – that can process and manufacture a wide variety of products.

Due to the high level of vertical integration, KARL SCHNELL ensures production, independent of the market.

KARL SCHNELL employs around 300 men and women in the two plants in Germany and the subsidiaries in France, the USA, Russia and Romania. They are distinguished by their above-average qualifications and their commitment.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, increasing the efficiency and longevity of our machines and systems is our top priority. With modern products and our innovative process solutions, we support our customers in working more resource-efficiently and achieving their own sustainability goals.

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MIAVIT: the art of mixture

MIAVIT GmbH is a family-owned company, founded in 1964, and now already operating in the 3rd generation. The name MIAVIT is an abbreviation for all important minerals, amino acids and vitamins that are contained in our pre-mixtures. As a competent partner in the field of technological and nutritional feed additives, MIAVIT offers a high-quality and diverse range of products – in powdered form, in pastes, liquids and tablets as well as extensive service and support. 

The MIAVIT pet food solutions cover 

  • Premixes

Customized and easy to handle premixes of vitamins, minerals or functional ingredients for dry and wet pet food to create nutritional balanced complete feed.

  • Category 3 blends

Blends, containing dry animal by-products derived from category 3 material, being produced on a dedicated mixing line, which is completely separated from other production lines, providing our customers more freedom and flexibility with regards to storage and dosing capacity at their production facilities.

  • Gelling & thickening agents 

Highly functional tailor-made blends of gelling agents and thickeners based on carrageenan, locust bean gum or cassia and even complete compounds, including very effective palatability enhancers for all different kinds of wet pet food like chunks in gravy/jelly, pâté or all meat products.

  • Antioxidants

Very effective liquid and powder formulations, containing natural and/or synthetic antioxidants like tocopherol and rosemary extracts, BHA, BHT, propyl gallate as well as chelators to protect feed materials and final feed from oxidative changes.

  • Private label supplements 

Tailor-made complementary feed and special supplements in different application forms like powder, tablets, liquids or pastes.

  • Preservatives

Customized solutions for long-lasting microbiological product stability, especially for prone semi-moist products, treats and snacks.

  • Raw materials 

Our customers can benefit from our diverse portfolio of feed additives and functional ingredients, giving the opportunity to take advantage of our one-stop-service.

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Waldner: human momentum since 1908

Since its founding in 1908, Waldner has taken giant steps – from the Allgäu region of Germany – out into the world.

From a metalworking company into many diverse industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, research, education, medicine, food, animal nutrition, analytics, automotive, industry and biotech.

The successful transformation into a global technology company is driven by people with strong innovative skills. 1,300 people in our headquarters in Wangen alone.

256 patents and over 110 years of experience is in our DNA. We are currently implementing solutions for more than 10 industries, developing and producing on an area of 65,000 m² and generating sales of over €260 million per year.

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OPEM: driven by the market and self-improvement

OPEM’s has always challenged itself to find innovative solutions to improve the performance and enhance the quality of its systems.

This business philosophy brought OPEM to the highest levels of technology, capable of meeting the production developments the market demands, while maintaining detailed attention to its products.

Continuous demand for new weighing and packaging solutions drove the company to design and develop new systems, and the arrival of pods and capsules in the booming coffee market further boosted the company’s growth. Over the years, OPEM has patented many of its solutions, the most recent being the machine for coffee pods in aluminium foil compatible systems (Nespresso Pro®), and the bag with a re-sealable cap application for the petfood, both introduced in 2017.

In 2014 the company achieved an important milestone – moving to a new 16,700 sqm factory in Parma, located in a large green area, and equipped with research and development laboratories. 

Thanks to the functional and compact nature of the facility, OPEM has been able to achieve high levels of efficiency and pursue continuous development, making it competitive on the global market.

Customised solutions

OPEM offers advanced systems for pods in filter paper, systems for capsules, vacuum packaging systems, vertical packaging machines, filling systems for tins and jars as well as special, customised packaging machines. 

When designing and developing systems, OPEM works according to each customer’s specific needs, offering to make a highly efficient industrial system – a customised solution.

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TPG: The Packaging Group

Celebrating its 100th year in 2020, FAWEMA is a global market leader in the design and manufacture of bag packaging machines for dry pet foods and cat litter products alongside other key markets in flour, sugar and tea.
FAWEMA is one brand within The Packaging Group, which also includes HDG and Wolf. As a group, The Packaging Group has four manufacturing sites, seven regional offices and more than 400 employees dedicated to one thing: PERFECTION.

The Packaging Group has one of the broadest range of machines for packing pet food products into flexible packs. With over 150 years of combined experience, FAWEMA, HDG and Wolf have the expertise to deliver your packaging machinery needs for all pet foods and treats. For the petfood industry, we have a dedicated team delivering excellence in primary petfood packaging, with a sharp focus on performance, quality and reliability. We speak your language.

Pet food manufacturers partner with FAWEMA for primary packaging solutions safe in the knowledge that their products and brand will be presented to the market Safely, Sensibly and Sustainably. FAWEMA achieves this by following four key principles. Discover, Define, Design and Develop.

By following these steps, FAWEMA fully understands the customer needs, defines the best technology fit, delivers proof of concept, therefore assuring the best quality solution. FAWEMA will rise to the challenges of tomorrow, designing and ­developing new technologies and continuing to deliver on its commitment to produce outstanding quality products required for the increasing industry challenges of the 21st century.

As a company that has delivered thousands of packing lines across the world, it is a dedicated partner after the delivery of your machine, too. Its efficient after-sales service team will be on hand to help and guide you at all times whenever the need might arise.

With a global presence and a loyal customer base FAWEMA understands the commitment that is needed to keep the machines it builds working long into the future. It will achieve this now and in the future by having a dedicated after sales team on hand to deal with all eventualities.

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Good food is passion. Good engineering, too.

Founded 1893, REICH is Germany’s oldest name in the field of thermal processing systems for food and is one of the leading providers worldwide. Our drying, cooking, smoking, baking, cooling and maturing systems have been known for decades for their consistently high processing quality, the best production results and easy handling. It makes no difference whether you would like to process meat, fish, poultry, cheese, veggie products or pet food – REICH’s engineers always find the ideal solution for your requirements.

Tradition alone does not make a good systems manufacturer. Rather, it is the foundation on which we base our future corporate development. It is our declared goal to generate added value for our customers and their products and processes through expertise and innovation.

We are a reliable, innovative and dynamic partner for the food industry.

The prerequisite for this is to know the exact requirements for our customer’s products and processes. Only with this profound knowledge, intelligent solutions can be developed that actually offer added value every day. We succeed in this through the close cooperation between our engineers and process technologists, who have the exciting task of combining the two worlds of “engineering” and “food processing”.

At the same time, we remain open and sensitive to new technologies and are ready to systematically promote our dynamic development of the recent years through further investments.

REICH employs around 130 men and women in our headquarters and production facility in Germany and in the subsidiaries in Spain and Russia. We are cooperating globally with sales and service partners and export around 80% of our products to customers on all continents.

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